Empowered by Passion, Driven by Excellence, Fueled by Winning

    Kyle Draper


    Chief Executive Office (CEO)

    Kyle is the "Connector of Dots" and a "Master Storyteller." In Kyle's 20's he spent almost 10 years as a student pastor, which made him a 5th generation pastor in his family. He then cut his teeth in sales and marketing when his family started a roofing company that he led for almost 3 years. From there he jumped into real estate and began building websites and offering marketing services to Real Estate Professionals. This turned into him teaching social media, marketing, and leadership to Realtors around the country.


    He quickly realized his passion and skill set made him a perfect fit to teach, guide, and instruct entrepreneurs in increasing their own knowledge and ability on social media earning him the nickname, Coach Kyle. Through his experience, he has seen first hand the pain points and blind spots real estate agents have. He knew he had to do something about it so he connected the dots and the Digital Real Estate Suite was born!


    Kyle is the real deal. He has built successful businesses and has a passion for teaching people how to tell their story through Facebook Live and multiple video platforms. He is a natural speaker, as he challenges you to get outside of your own head to become the face and voice of your own brand, helping to position you as an industry leader. From Startups to Multimillion dollar brands, he can help overcome the challenges of reaching your audience, developing a strategy, and creating the content that gets results.


    Kyle's strengths are positivity, belief, responsibility, futuristic, and includer. He isn't a "business" coach or a "life" coach. He's an empowerment coach! Coach Kyle is here to help empower you in your life and business, to help you leverage and expand your reach through social media platforms, and maximize your marketing dollars!

    Mathew DeBlanc


    Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    Mathew spent 18 years of his life in pastoral ministry traveling nationally and internationally speaking to thousands, developing leaders, and equipping people for everyday life. Several years ago he took his gifts and abilities outside the walls of the church and quickly became a successful serial entrepreneur with an unwavering passion to help others succeed in business and life.

    He's an outside-of-the-box thinker with a keen eye for detail and an uncanny ability to read between the lines to see things others are unable to see. He's a visionary and a results producing machine known for his impeccable desire for excellence — unapologetically crossing the t's and dotting the i's.


    Mathew and Kyle go way back. They've known each other for a decade and when they saw the opportunity to stack hands to launch EMPWR Media they didn't hesitate. The two of them together are a force to be reckoned with. They compliment each other perfectly and are fueled by a common purpose — winning and helping others do the same.

    Mathew holds a Bachelor Degree in Sociology from the University of North Texas, has been married to his beautiful bride, Sarah, for 18 years and together they have two amazing kids to round out their family. He enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family, dating his wife, hanging out with good friends, working out, and anything outdoors. Oh yeah, and helping real estate professionals kick some butt!

    Cody Baker


    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    Cody is a tech connoisseur, innovator, borderline genius, world traveler, strategic thinker, growth hacker, and easily the smartest player on our team. He previously co-founded a national marketing firm, a world-wide consultancy, has ran multiple world-wide e-commerce brands, and has worked with multiple million dollar businesses for process improvement.


    He has now shifted his focus to helping local businesses reach their full potential in their local market which makes him the perfect fit for EMPWR Media since that's what we're all about! We have no idea how his brain works but, needless to say, we're always impressed with what comes out of it. He's an eternal optimist with an unquenchable desire to add value to everyone he meets.


    Cody is the kind of guy that isn't afraid to pull an all nighter to get the job done. Fueled by caffeine and energy drinks, he doesn't allow anything to stand in his way of staying on the cutting edge of technology to continually find, design, and deliver optimal solutions and results for our clients.


    In his spare time he enjoys hanging out with friends on the lake, chasing little white balls around golf courses, snowboarding, hunting — basically anything outdoors. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas with his pup, Jax. If you want to know what college he went to then take a guess between John Cabot University and Texas Tech University. Okay, it was both. Told you he was smart!

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