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4 Keys To Dominate On Video!

it works for you when you're not working.

500 million Facebook users watch videos EVERY SINGLE DAY.

When will you start taking it seriously?

Last week I watched a video by Gary V. In that video, he talked about not being in high school anymore. The reason he said that was because we still (as adults) value the opinions of others more than our own personal happiness.

Does this sound familiar...

- I don't want to get made fun of.

- I'm worried about what ________ will think.

- What if I mess up...

- I don't like what I look like or sound like.

If it doesn't sound familiar, it should...this is you.

This is the internal dialogue we have with ourselves every single time we consider doing a video...and for most, those thoughts cripple you and keep you from moving forward.

Not anymore!

The 4 keys to video...

1. Mindset.

2. Consistency.

3. Audience.

4. Content.

Over the next four blogs, I am going to break down these fours things in detail to help you fight through your quitting points and start taking advantage of the GREATEST marketing opportunity you have in your business...VIDEO!

So, of the four above...what is your greatest struggle?

Do you have a daily battle in your own mind?

Did you do it once or twice and then decide to stop?

Do you pick topics that are so vanilla that they attract no one?

Do you wake up with no clue what to talk about?

Don't feel bad. You are NORMAL! We all struggle with these exact questions.

The difference is, some have battled through the adversity to leverage video in our business for the better.

Here are a few tips for you before we dig into the 4 keys over the next couple weeks...

#1 - Don't overthink it. Your audience wants to see you. Plain and simple. They value your opinion. You may not think this...but I promise you, it's true. If you only do one thing, get out of your own way.

#2 - Stop introducing yourself at the beginning of videos. Think about it...if you go to coffee with a friend, do you walk in, shake their hand, and say "Hi, I'm __________, go to see you." Heck no! They'll think you're crazy. Your audience already knows who you are, keep it authentic by not announcing yourself. This alone will make you so much more authentic and positioned to influence than you were before.

#3 - Stop when you are out of value. I get asked all the time about the perfect length of video or how long is too long. My's all about value. If you have 30 minutes of value, people will watch. If you have 3 minutes of value, keep it to 3 minutes. Plain and simple.

Soon we will jump into the 4 keys, but before then...implement these three times and watch your videos go to a new level!

If you have thoughts or questions, please reach out to me. You can find me on Facebook at Coach Kyle Draper. Talk to you guys soon! I hope you feel EMPWR'd!

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